In the world’s greatest paradise, the Maldivian elements of lush tropical nature, soft powdery white sands and translucent ocean provide vivid and sensual inspiration. The recently launched Sundari Ayurvedic Spa at Anantara Veli Resort & Spa brings a holistic approach to incorporate elements of the Ayurvedic lifestyle throughout the resort activities offered, restaurant menus and spa treatments in consultation with the resident Ayurvedic Doctor.


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Are you a Vata, Pitta or Kapha person? Guests staying with Anantara in the South Male Atoll now have the opportunity to discover their Ayurvedic Dosha and achieve an ideal balance of relaxation and wellbeing while enjoying the tropical climates and white Maldivian beaches. At a resort where the focus is on individual attention to cultivate the ultimate escape, SUNDÃRI Ayurvedic Spa extends a welcoming invitation to discover the beauty of personal well-being.


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Designed for both those who are just beginning to dip their toes in Ayurveda as well as for the more advanced student who wants to deepen their practice and understanding of Ayurveda’s true roots and benefits, SUNDÃRI combines adherence to Ayurvedic principles based on an ancient eastern philosophy with the finest quality ingredients from nature, delivering a holistic approach to wellness that results in outer radiance and inner serenity.


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A way of life – involving mind body harmony that is conducive to health, happiness and longevity – guests at Anantara Veli Resort & Spa can choose between individual treatments and multiple day programmes based on an individual’s constitution, daily habits, moderation in food, exercise,  sleep etc. The definition of health in Ayurveda is derived from a world view of a harmonious working of the three components of being – body, mind and soul. The beneficial and adverse influences leading respectively to health and disease and the impact of these on health, happiness and longevity is qualified in Ayurveda.


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At SUNDÃRI Ayurvedic Spa, the journey starts with an in-depth consultation with the resident Ayurvedic Doctor. Using various techniques of pulse, iridology, tongue and a health assessment interview the Ayurvedic Doctor will identify a guest’s dosha type, or combination of doshas, to determine the current imbalances. According to this assessment, a personalized treatment experience will be designed for the guest by the Ayurvedic Doctor to ensure the balancing of energetic constitution for good health. Exercise regimes and dietary programs are also recommended if a multiple day program is booked.


Anantara Veli’s SUNDÃRI Ayurvedic Spa


At the end of your stay, the Ayurvedic Doctor will provide you with take-home information to continue an Ayurvedic lifestyle once you return to your daily routine.


For hundreds of years throughout Thailand, people would leave a jar of water outside their house to provide refreshment and extend a welcome to the passing traveller.  Anantara is taken from an ancient Sanskrit word that means ‘without end’, symbolising this sharing of water and the heartfelt hospitality that lies at the core of every Anantara experience.


From lush jungles to pristine beaches and legendary deserts to cosmopolitan cities, Anantara currently 30 stunning properties located in Thailand, the Maldives, Bali, Vietnam, China, Cambodia, Mozambique and the United Arab Emirates; with future properties to open in Thailand, China, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Laos, Qatar and Oman.


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