Have you visited a hotel recently and been surprised by the extent to which the staff is ready to go to keep you happy? Well, you are not alone. Thousands of travelers have expressed their surprise and delight over some very special things that hotels do for them. Thank the competition or the uncompromising attitude of customers today or the modern marketing techniques, the hospitality sector has upped its stakes and offers nothing but the best.


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The “more than guests” attitude

Gone are the days when you walked into a hotel feeling like a guest and checked out without feeling any bit of emotional attachment with it. Today, the staff is trained to be so friendly that they actually make friends with you. When you leave the hotel, you already feel a bond of friendship with them. Well, the hotel makes sure that you’ll come back to them the next time you are in town, don’t they?


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Old memories preserved

Travelers say that hotels these days remember your preferences and the special moments that you spend there. What is more, they try and recreate that magic the next time you visit. For instance, a couple who went to Akademie Street Boutique Hotel and Guesthouse in Franschhoek, South Africa, http://www.aka.co.za was surprised to find a bouquet of beautiful fresh sunflowers in their room. They were deeply touched by the gesture because on their last visit, the husband had proposed to the wife with a sunflower bouquet and told the owners that his fiancé loved the flowers! Isn’t that so touching?


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No surcharges for special service

The quality of service has become extremely satisfactory in the modern day. What is more, the “little additional sweet things” that hotels do for their guests are not mentioned on the bill. For instance, you might be welcomed with a glass of wine or might find fresh flowers in your room every day. A couple who visited the Hanoi Serene Hotel, Hanoi, Vietnam http://www.hanoiserenehotel.com  had a very pleasant experience. When they were walking towards the hotel after a day of sightseeing, it suddenly began to rain. To their surprise, they saw the owner’s wife running towards them with umbrellas in hand!


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Local travel advice

There is a lot of difference between scourging the Internet for local travel advice and talking to a local resident about it. Staff in hotels, inns and B&Bs help you out in this regard. You can talk to the friendly staff for some excellent suggestions that only locals can give you. Follow these recommendations and you are going to have more fun than you can imagine.


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Family friendliness

Many hotels around the world are very family-friendly today. Not only do they provide an environment that is safe and entertaining for children, they also go to the extent of preparing customized meals for them. This kind of service definitely takes the concept of “family friendliness” several leaps further.


Hotels go that extra length to provide a home away from home to their visitors, be it in terms of beautifully decorated and comfortable rooms or quality of care. They redefine the meaning of customer service.